What it’s Like to be a Female Naturist

“This is my video …”

Lins & Nick of ‘Naked Wanderings’ have become naturist legends. Anyone who has watched their videos and / or followed their blog will know their huge smiles, and all of us can only but admire and respect their dedication, their creativity and their passion for naturism. They somehow artfully manage to combine entertainment, education and wisdom into a thoughtful and yet very engaging package of content that has won them fans from all over the world. I can only imagine how busy it all keeps them. So it was with very little hope that, of after watching the most recent video from Lins, I asked whether she would allow us to share it here. Not only did I get an enthusiastic “Of course”, but Lins has also penned us an introduction. I hope prospective, new and current female naturists find much value is this video. Thank you Lins! – Ed

From Lins: “We often get the feeling that naturism online is very male dominant. We don’t know exactly why that is because “real life” naturism seems to be much more balanced, but we have some ideas. The most important one is obviously harassment. When a woman dares to share her naturist ideas or experiences on the web, she’s often flooded with remarks. Sometimes very well meant, sometimes not so much. In any case, that wave of comments can be daunting. Therefor I, Lins, decided to make a video on my own, in the hope of being a voice for the female naturist. To say the things that aren’t being said enough. And to show everyone the female side of naturism. This is not a step to step guide about how to become a naturist as a woman, but mostly my own vision and experiences. And I hope that it will be helpful for aspiring female naturists.”

Naked Wanderings:
Nick & Lins can be found on Twitter as @nakedwanderings
or on their website: www.nakedwanderings.com

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