… for when you’ve got Nothing On. ;o)

It was really important to us as parents that our son and daughter grew up being comfortable in their own skins.
Children need to know what real bodies look like through seeing real bodies, not just artificial social media “perfection”! Body positivity comes from knowing you are just like everyone else … perfectly imperfect.

– a KZNNA Mom

Weekends Away, Gatherings and Meetings

Naturism and summer go together gin and tonic, to make the most of our warm weather we have our weekends away usually from November through to May. Look out for virtual meetings too!

Events scheduled so far for the remainder of 2022 are:

  • 6th to 8th May 2022 Southern Drakensberg Weekend Away

  • May 2022 Event

    6th- 8th May 2022

    Weekend Away – Southern Berg Foothills

    Altitude with attitude!

    Stand in the winter sun surrounded by friends, mountains and Lower Berg streams.

    We have found a lovely resort in the foothills of the Southern Drakensberg for our members to enjoy time away at. Bring your towel, fly fishing gear and a sunny disposition. Think lovely winter weather; sunny days and frosty nights (fire places, YES!).

    (This is a members only trip, so if you are not a member, JOIN KZNNA!)

Most of our events are naturally members only. If you would like to join our events apply to become a member.