Stéphane Deschênes – Dispelling Myths About World of Naturism Podcast

The Impact Radio USA Interview

This is our second naturist legend contribution in, it feels like, as many weeks! Our post today is courtesy of Impact Radio USA and Stéphane Deschênes, owner of the Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park in Canada, host of the podcast, “The Naturist Living Show” and recently elected president of the INF. Stéphane is one of those faces that is instantly recognisable in Naturist circles, partly because, like the actor Sam Elliot, Stephane sports a spectacular mustache that could be cast in a leading role all on it’s own! More importantly however is the fact that he (Stéphane that is, not the mustache) is a real gentleman and all round nice guy who has a real heart for ethical naturism. This podcast was a brilliant interview, touching on many issues that are delicate, and sometimes avoided in discussions around Naturism and so I sought permission for us to share it here. Thank you Impact Radio USA and thank you Stéphane! – Ed

From Stéphane:

“Dear KZNNA members and those interested in the naturist philosophy, I am so pleased that KZNNA found this interview to be worthy of sharing. I have done a lot of interviews and this is one of the better ones because the host was willing to go a bit deeper into the movement than most. I hope you enjoy it!”

The Impact Radio USA Podcast

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