Resorts and Beaches

KZN Resorts affiliated to SANNA

These are just some of the places KZNNA members visit from time to time.

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Naturist Friendly

Kingfisher Lakeside Retreat

A slice of paradise …

A slice of paradise on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast in South Africa, Kingfisher Lakeside Retreat is situated in the village of Trafalgar on the edge of the recently rehabilitated Black Lake. On the border of the Mpenjati Nature Reserve and a mere 5 minute walk to a pristine, unspoiled beach, Kingfisher Lakeside Retreat is an exclusive, upmarket tented camp and cottage for those who enjoy a luxurious outdoors experience.

We offer guests the freedom and closeness to nature of a camping trip, with the convenience of luxurious, self-catering facilities.

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Naturist Friendly

Palm Beach Chalets

Not far from Port Edward on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal is the very outstanding Palm Beach. Situated near the Umtamvuna Nature Reserve it offers stunning scenery, an abundance of birdlife and you may even be able to spot small mammals.

Naturist Friendly

The Hooting Owl

KZN Naturist beaches

KZN has two unofficial naturist beaches which have been used by naturists for more than 30 years, Mpenjati on the South Coast and the Umhlanga Lagoon beach on the North Coast. There are no beaches in South Africa where the right to bathe naked is legally protected, so everyone who bathes on these beaches naked runs the risk of prosecution. That being said, there have been no successful prosecutions of people for simple nudity on these beaches for many, many years.

Unofficial Naturist Beach

Mpenjati Beach

Mpenjati naturist beach is just north of the mouth of the Mpenjati River. The beach is wide and flat and the surf is usually not very rough. This beach is used regularly by naturists and textiles, peacefully co-existing. There are no life guards or anti-shark measures at the beach and so people must be very cautious when using the beach.

Unofficial Naturist Beach

Umhlanga Lagoon

The naturist beach at the Umhlanga Lagoon is another well known unofficial naturist beach in KZN. The dunes on the South side of the lagoon mouth are used mostly by single men, and the north side of the lagoon is mostly used by couples. The surf can be very rough and there are rocky outcrops in the waves, so once again extreme care must be taken as there are no life guards at this beach either.

Please note that high levels of toxic chemicals ended up in the lagoon in July 2021 and the lagoon and surrounding wetland were contaminated with highly toxic chemicals including arsenic, atrazine and bromoxynil.