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6. Memberships and General Meetings

  1. If a person wants to become a Member of the organisation, she or he will have to ask the organisation’s Management Committee. The Management Committee has the right to say no.
  2. Membership may be granted to individuals and/or families who are members of recognized clubs and resorts and other such individuals or families who demonstrate their interest in naturism.
  3. Organizations who are or not formed primarily for naturism or otherwise may be granted affiliation if they have genuine interest in naturism and satisfy the Management Committee that their activities in no way conflict with Article 3 (Three) above. Affiliation is subject to annual payment of dues as revised from time to time.
  4. The title of Honorary Member may be awarded by the Management Committee to those who have given outstanding service to naturism. Honorary membership may be granted at the discretion of the Management Committee. Honorary members shall have all rights and privileges of a paid up individual member.
  5. Members of the organisation must attend its annual general meetings. At the annual general meeting, members exercise their right to determine the policy of the organisation.
  6. Membership fees shall be determined annually by the AGM on a recommendation in a motion from the Management Committee.
  7. Any affiliated organization or individual member whose annual return or membership fees are outstanding on the date of the AGM in any year shall lose all rights and benefits until such fees have been paid in full.