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Addendum to the Constitution


It forms no part of KZNNA’s policy to concern itself with any subject outside the field of naturism and linked activities.


All clubs, resorts and societies affiliated to the KZNNA may have their advertisements, stationery or any other printed matter which they may issue, subscribed with the words “Affiliated to, or accredited by”, (as appropriate) the KZNNA, and/or the badge/logo of the KZNNA.



The Chairman shall take the Chair at the AGM of the KZNNA. He will also take the Chair at Committee Meetings. He is responsible for organizing the AGM. He will be responsible for matters concerning affiliated organizations. His duty is to maintain good relations with the International Naturist Federation and such international organizations representative of naturism overseas. He will maintain records of overseas clubs/contacts and naturist facilities for the purpose of keeping the Committee and members informed.


The Secretary’s duty is to summon members to meetings, to prepare the agenda for meetings, to keep an accurate record of the proceedings of all AGM and Committee meetings, to conduct correspondence in accordance with instructions of the Committee, and to keep and make available any such files, records and lists of members etc., and such other duties as the Committee may require.


The Treasurer’s duty is to record the receipts and expenditure of the KZNNA to prepare the yearly statement of accounts and financial balance and to keep the Committee fully informed regarding the financial affairs of the KZNNA.


The Editor will arrange for the publication and distribution to clubs and members of publications covering all matters of interest to the movement. The Committee shall guide the policy and production of these publications. This duty may be in addition to other functions assigned to him.

Honorary Members:

This is a position of honor awarded to persons who have given outstanding service to naturism. They shall have no ex-officio right to attend Committee meetings but invitations may be extended to them from time to time. Their duties are to continue to represent naturism and perform any suitable tasks as required by the Committee.

Each elected officer shall act at all times in the best interests of the KZNNA and in promoting its stated functions and objectives to the best of their ability in all things related to naturism.


It is strongly recommended that the following clauses be embodied in the rules of affiliated organizations:

  • Membership shall be confined to persons of good repute, due care being taken to establish the bona fides of prospective members;
  • No minor of either sex shall be admitted without the consent of the parent or guardian;
  • Where only one partner of a married couple applies for membership the other may be required to give written consent.


  • To protect and enhance South African naturism, and the individuals within it in particular KwaZulu-Natal Province;
  • To provide a central point for correspondence and a channel for enquiries to clubs and resorts, by use of various mediums, to make this point of contact known to all interested parties;
  • To undertake all other aspects of public relations work;
  • To seek recognition at national level and to obtain a fair share of public funds;
  • To provide information and assistance to naturist/nudist clubs;
  • To promote relationships and, through the recognition of the International Naturist Federation, among others, to provide membership cards to assist KZNNA members when travelling to overseas naturist destinations;
  • To provide recognition and assistance to international tourists when visiting South African naturist destinations;
  • To undertake research and Base with local bodies with regard to developing accepted and recognized naturist beaches throughout South Africa;
  • To produce an acceptable set of naturist guidelines and etiquette standards to guide and assist new and existing SA Naturist destinations;
  • To promote affiliation with likeminded bodies;
  • To produce a bi monthly newsletter to be the mouthpiece of the Association and to keep members informed of new developments;
  • To provide a channel for those members wishing to support the movement, either financially or otherwise;
  • To provide means of arbitration between members and (or) clubs in the case of any disputes that may from time to time arise;