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3. Function

The KwaZulu Natal Naturist Association (hereinafter referred to as KZNNA) is constituted for the benefit of the naturist movement in KwaZulu-Natal – South Africa (hereinafter referred to as SA). The Objects of the KZNNA shall be, among others:

  • To promote the practice and general acceptance of naturism for the physical, moral and mental wellbeing of the naturist community, recreation without clothing, whether individually or socially, and whether in private grounds or in other suitable circumstances;
  • To ensure the continued co-operation of all genuine naturist and related organizations in SA;
  • To further and improve the standards of naturism and ensure that naturism is presented creditably to all interested parties at all times;
  • To represent naturism in general to local government and international organizations, and to cooperate with international organizations which represent naturist recreation;
  • And to develop resources for the practice of naturism and to provide services for members and affiliated entities;
  • To affiliate with other national and international bodies that may be deemed relevant or beneficial to the interest and or objectives of the Association. In specific affiliation to South African National Naturist Association (SANNA).