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13. Suspension and Exclusion

  1. The Management Committee shall investigate any complaint of breach of the requirements of this constitution by any individual member or affiliated organization, and, if satisfied that such complaint is justified, may suspend the individual member or affiliated organization and report this action to the KZNNA members by way of publication in the next newsletter following such action having been taken. An individual member or affiliated organization may appeal to the Management Committee against such action.
  2. The Management Committee may appoint a Board of Enquiry to assist in determining an appeal, such Board of Enquiry to consist of a Chairman and not less than 2 (two) suitably qualified members who are not concerned in the matter under dispute.
  3. Any individual member or affiliated organization recommended for suspension or exclusion shall have the right to appear before the Management Committee and/or Board of Enquiry to present its own case.
  4. The Board of Enquiry will report its decision to the Management Committee and this decision shall be final. If no appeal is made to the Management Committee, the full Management Committee shall have the power at its discretion to confirm or overturn the suspension.
  5. In the event of the conduct of any member or affiliated organization being likely to bring naturism into disrepute, the affiliated organization concerned shall take immediate steps to exclude the member, failing which action, the Management Committee of the KZNNA may, after due enquiry, call upon the affiliated organization concerned to exclude the member and shall report this action to the Members of the KZNNA. The name of the offending member may be circulated to each affiliated organizations if the Management Committee deems such action appropriate.
  6. The Chairman shall together with any other members appointed by the Management Committee investigate any allegation that may be made that the conduct of an individual member has brought naturism into disrepute or damaged the interests of the KZNNA and may if they or the majority of them consider the allegations have been substantiated, expel, suspend from membership or caution the member concerned. If the member feels aggrieved by such expulsion or suspension he or she may appeal to the Management Committee which may then confirm the expulsion, suspension or caution or overturn it or substitute expulsion, suspension or caution for what was originally decided. The decision of the Committee after hearing such an appeal is final.