About Us

I can’t believe I waited until my 40s to experience naturism. I feel like I wasted all these years and all these opportunities. LIFE CHANGING!

Anon (Teacher)

Experience naturism in KZN, South Africa the right way. KZNNA is the KwaZulu-Natal Naturist Association, a branch of SANNA, the South African Naturist Association.

We strive to create a safe and happy community environment where likeminded people can get together at family-friendly naturist events, in a wholesome, safe and healthy manner.

Let’s be candid. If there is one province in sunny South Africa that has the perfect environment for a naturist lifestyle it is our beloved KZN. Why? KZN has the perfect climate to live cloths-free! We have the golden beaches (with the warm Mozambique Current!). What about the glorious Drakensberg mountains with crystal clear streams? Let’s not forget about our amazing bushveld and wildlife! Probably most important of all, we have the most incredibly warm people too! Lets #getnakedKZN!

Apart from the usual communication one would expect from any club, trips to dedicated naturist friendly venues and the like, KZNNA also organises weekends away at venues that are not necessarily naturist venues. As a group we reserve the complete venue for the weekend, making it naturist friendly for that time.

KZNNA is affiliated to SANNA (South African National Naturist Association). SANNA in turn, is affiliated to the INF (International Naturist Federation). As a result, if you travel to another province in SA you will receive all the benefits from resorts and functions associated with SANNA. Not only that, but if you travel overseas, your KZNNA membership card will give you access to naturist resorts, as your card carries the INF stamp and member number.

What are you waiting for?