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KZNNA 10th Birthday Bash

On February 14th, 2024, KZNNA, the Naturist Association of KwaZulu-Natal, marked a significant milestone as we turned a glorious ten years old. To commemorate this landmark occasion, the management committee, with the help of some members of our community, organized a jubilant birthday bash from February 23rd to 25th at The Prawn Hatchery, setting the stage for a three-day celebration of naturism in the province.

KZNNA Reach International Status

Guess what? Our Sun Eden Golf Challenge just snagged a page in the International Naturist Federation newsletter! Turns out, they dig our chill vibes, eco-friendly greens, and epic community spirit. Basically, we're like the Tiger Woods of naked golf. ⛳️

KZNNA in SANNA Dec 2023 Newsletter

Read all about Our KZNNA Sun Eden Golf Challenge, and our Very first Skinny-dip Challenge.

Watch Our KZNNA Sun Eden Golf Challenge video

Read all about Our KZNNA Sun Eden Golf Challenge, and our Very first Skinny-dip Challenge.

Kingfisher Weekend 2023

Unsurprisingly the beach with its wide flat sands and the retreat itself, have become a firm fixture on the regional naturist association’s (KZNNA) calendar. While the retreat is naturist friendly......

KZNNA In SANNA June 2023 Newsletter

Read all about our Kingfisher weekend, and antic's at Mpenjathi beach.   

That First Naturist Resort Visit

Heaven knows, that if you are new to naturism, being naked and exposed in a public setting seems like .......................


Naturism emphasized physical fitness, sunlight, and fresh-air bathing, and then adding the nudist philosophy, contributing to mental and psychological fitness, good health, and an improved moral-life view. These ideas align closely with the Christian ideals of spiritual, physical and mental and social health, engendered by faith, prayer, and worship.


I want you, if you can, to think back to your earliest recollection, a childhood memory maybe, of feeling connected to the earth. I am speaking of that feeling that you are part of the world.......

Are Naturism's Health Benefits Real?

It seems so blatantly obvious to me that my body benefits from naturism that I suppose I often don’t challenge my own assumption too much or look to closely. I don’t need to.............

Nude Yoga

The practice of nude yoga is argued by some as being the ancient way, whether true or not, the fact remains that is does deepen your body awareness which serves to enhance the mind body union or integration which is the meaning of the word yoga..........

Nev and Mary Ann, our first year with KZNNA

Well, what an interesting year!
Our first event was at ‘The
Hatchery’, where we camped!
We were not really sure where
to pitch our tent and first
set it up way off in the bush
hahahaha! After walking to the
pools, we were asked where
did we come from? Thankfully
all the friendly girls and guys

DMR Weekend with Nick & Lins

KZNNA had to book the whole
resort in order for us to create
a naturist environment.
Nick and Lins, the famous
couple from Naked Wanderings,
also enjoyed the weekend
with us and the Chairman of
SunEden, Ben and his wife Carol
enjoyed the weekend with us

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